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Merengue is a full-featured CMS useful for creating websites without writing a single line of code or customizing and extending with any of the plethora of existing Django applications.

Nexts steps:

  • Log in as administrator user (username is admin and password is admin).
  • Go to the admin site, and click in the sections link, to add some sections to your site. If you publish these sections, you will see them in the navigation block (placed by default in the left column).
  • In every section, you can:
    • Add documents inside. Look for the "Section children" link inside your section to see the content types you can add.
    • Add a hierarchical section menu, with links to the contents inside your section or external links.
    • After adding some contents into your section, you can choose the main content of this section (the first content you will see when you access the section).
  • You can also try some plugins, going to the plugins link inside the admin site. Let's see some examples:
    • If you install the events plugin you will have:
      • An event calendar block placed by default on the right sidebar.
      • An events custom admin, that you will see in the admin site (look for "Events" link).
    • The voting plugin will add a "vote content" block for every existing content.
    • The facebook plugin will add a "Share in facebook" action in every visited content.
  • Try other themes.

To get further

Please go to Merengue documentation to learn more about Merengue, from a developer and content manager point of view.

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